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Arrive Alive program: getting Marines home safe

30 Mar 2017 | Lane Cpl. Benjamin McDonald Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

The leadership of Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron is taking the initiative to protect its Marines. The Arrive Alive program offers a solution for Marines who ever have to make the decision to get behind the wheel while drunk because they do not have money for a cab.
The program is an initiative for active duty Marines and sailors with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron to return to the air station
without drunk driving.
“If a Marine has one too many drinks but cannot afford to pay for a taxi back to base he can utilize the arrive alive program,” said Cpt. Paul J. Stephens, the adjutant for MCAS Beaufort. “The program allows
Marines with H&HS to get a taxi back to base. When back on base the taxi will go to the staff duty officer who will pay for the ride out of funds appropriated for the program.”
If the program is used, the Marine has a grace period of two paycheck periods to repay the command the cost of the taxi. If a Marine needs a
ride back to base but is not with attached to H&HS a ride will still be provided. Instead of the SDO, the taxi will go to the Marines unit and the duty officer for that unit will pay for the ride. If the unit does not
have sufficient funds to pay for the ride H&HS will pay for the ride and be reimbursed by the Marine.
“To ensure that Marines realize this program is safe to use. They will not be charged with public intoxication,” said Stephens. “Our priority is to get Marines back on base without causing harm to
themselves or anyone else.”
The program is an option available to Marines who need to get back to base. The first priority of the command is keeping all of its Marines safe.
“The point of this program is to ensure the safety of all the Marines of this command,” said Sgt. Maj. Edward L. Hebron the sergeant major of H&HS. “I want all of my Marines to return from daily liberty, weekend or holiday periods safely, and ready to work towards completing the mission. If used, this program should lower the number of DUI’s and alcohol related incidents to zero for this installation.”