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A stack of posters rests on top of table prior to being judged during the Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Office Earth Day poster contest aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, April 4. Bolden Elementary and Middle, Elliott Elementary, and Galer Elementary schools participated in the contest. The environmental specialists of NREAO hold the contest annually to promote healthy environmental management habits at an early age.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Ashley Phillips

Laurel Bay Schools observes 47th Earth Day

6 Apr 2017 | Lance Cpl. Ashley Phillips Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

The Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Office held an Earth Day poster contest aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, April 4.

According to the MCAS Beaufort commanding officer’s environmental policy, the air station is committed to protecting present and future mission readiness and capabilities through effective and efficient environmental management. By promoting and observing Earth Day in the Laurel Bay schools and local community MCAS Beaufort is educating people

“This Earth Day poster competition is a fun way to educate and involve our children in environmental management,” said E.J. Wenrick, the recycle manager with NREAO. “We want to make sure they know how to be contentious of the environment and the how to get implement good environmental practices into their everyday life.”

April 22 has been designated as Earth Day since 1970. Initially earth day was created to protest pollution oil spills, water and air pollution, toxic dumps loss of wilderness and endangerment to animals. This year will mark the 47th Earth Day. Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron sets funds aside for the NREAO to sponsor the poster contest which has been held annually for the past several years.

“We have the employees from NREAO conduct the judging process,” said Wenrick. “We are judging on the art work, the amount of time that went into it and the facts used on the poster; who did their homework.”

NREAO ensures that MCAS Beaufort complies with all applicable federal, state and local environmental laws. They also ensure the regulation of the Department of Defense laws and Marine Corps orders regarding environmental management. According to their website a key role in this is education and training. They conduct mandatory training on base each month.

“Getting the kids thinking about the environment and recycling at an early age can make a difference,” said Wenrick. “We do this at schools with the goal of creating a mindset for good environmental habits while the kids are young. The things they learn in school transfers to home and sometimes the kids end up teaching the parents, ultimately making MCAS Beaufort more efficient and mission ready.”

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