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Nutrition class teaches healthy eating habits

30 Jul 2004 | Cpl. Kat Johnson

For some people, weight control means everlasting diets and calorie counting, but Semper Fit Health Promotions has a different plan in mind.

On July 22, many of Fightertown’s residents  learned facts about nutrition and weight maintenance during a nutrition class at the Gym Annex, sponsored by Semper Fit Health Promotions. The class is part of the global diet, exercise and weight campaign titled Healthy People 2010.

During the past 25 years, more than 600 national membership organizations and health agencies have combined to create the  campaign. It is the first worldwide program designed to deal with the issues of weight control.

“We want people to understand that this campaign is about nutrition and exercise,” said Crystal A. Dilliard, registered nurse, Semper Fit Health Promotions. “Knowing your body and what it needs to function properly are the first steps towards a nutritious diet.”
According to Dilliard, being overweight or obese can be very challenging, physically and mentally.

“Eating is not supposed to be stressful,” Dilliard said in her class. “ You should be able to eat whatever you want and still maintain a healthy diet.”

During the class, Dilliard explained many of the “hidden secrets” about carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

“Many people think that these low-carb diets are good,” Dilliard said.  “But, what they are actually doing is raising blood pressures and cholesterol levels by saturating the body with fatty proteins.”

Throughout the class, Dilliard used visuals to point out the importance of portion control and serving sizes.

“The average serving size is only a half a cup,” Dilliard said. “It’s not just about eating only a half a cup, it’s about knowing what to put in it.”

According to Dilliard, eating a half-cup of pasta is good, but only if the person understands that it might contain an entire days worth of carbohydrates.

“I think this class has a lot of good information,” said Sgt. Shawn A. Dukes, H&HS. “There is a lot about food servings and nutrients that I didn’t know.”

According to surveys conducted by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 63 percent of Americans are overweight or obese.

“The fact that people just don’t understand the good and bad about food is alarming,” Dilliard said.  “With the nutrition class, people can understand what a healthy diet is and how to apply it to their everyday life.”

For more information on nutrition classes, contact your base or station Semper Fit office.