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Marine Corps Marathon lottery picks open

23 Apr 2004 | Cpl. Kat Johnson

April is almost over and lottery tickets for the 29th Marine Corps Marathon will soon be expired.

Lottery tickets, also known as admission forms, are being accepted by the marathon committee and are due by June 2 for competitors.

“The Marine Corps Marathon is a good thing,” said James McPartland, athletics director, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. “I think that everyone who participates feels really good about it afterward.”

Beginning May 5, weekly drawings will be held for the required 18,000 slots necessary to organize a marathon.

“The marathon has participants from all walks of life,” McPartland said. “Last year, the Tri-Command area sent 24 people to the marathon, and 14 were from the Air Station.”

Once a persons form has been processed and entry fees  received, will be sent an e-mail conformation number and a bib. The bib won’t catch any sweat from competitors in the 24-mile race, but it will catch the eyes of spectators because it serves as a numbered tag for marathon runners. Runners can find their numbers posted on, the official Marine Corps Marathon website. At the end of the race, runners can use their bib number to look up run times and compare them to  other competitors.

“If anyone has a question about the race they should go to the website,” McPartland said. “But, if they still need help, they can contact us at the gym.”

The gym annex does not offer training for the marathon but they can provide assistance with workout techniques to help with a runner’s performance.

“Unfortunately, we don’t offer classes to participants,” McPartland said. “We can help them with running techniques. One of our fitness coordinators, Harriet Fisher has great information for future racers.”

To run the marathon, competitors must be at least 14 years old on or before Oct. 31. The marathon committee will accept group lottery tickets, as long as everyone in the group meets the minimum age requirements. Prices for group rates can be accessed on the marathon website along with group payment plans.

“We know the marathon can get a bit expensive so we asked runners a few years ago. What MCCS could do to help with marathon fees,” McPartland said. “They all agreed reimbursing the entry fee would be most helpful.”

Last year, Cpl. David Castro, network administrator, MCAS completed the marathon in less than six hours.

“It was an outstanding, life-altering experience,” Castro said. “I would definitely do it again.”