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Chaplain of Corps visits Fightertown

By Cpl. Craig A. Sherman | | February 5, 2004

The chaplain of the Marine Corps visited Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Feb. 5, to discuss the future of the Chaplain Corps and meet service members in his command.

Rear Adm. Robert F. Burt is visiting several commands in the Marine Corps to introduce himself and see the Marines in their working environment.

“I’m visiting all the commands to spend time with all the chaplains and religious program specialists working with me,” Burt said. “I especially want to talk to the Marines and Sailors who will be deploying so I can encourage them and let them know how much we appreciate their dedication.”

During Burt’s tour, he visited the commanding officers of the Air Station and Marine Aircraft Group 31, before speaking to the Sweathogs of Marine Wing Support Squadron 273 during their predeployment brief.

Burt also talked to several religious program specialists about the transformation of the Marine Corps and Navy. He also listened to the experiences of several Sailors during his tour. 

“The Navy and Marine Corps are going into a business model and applying the best business practices,” Burt said. “We want to reach more people with our ministry. So we are evaluating all of our programs to make business more successful.”

Master Chief Petty Officer Johnny Thomas, religious programs specialist of the Marine Corps, accompanied Burt through the Tri-Command and was impressed with what the Air Station Chapel was doing.

“It’s good to see the great ministry that the RPs and chaplains are doing here,” Thomas said. “The senior leadership aboard the Air Station is aware of what the RPs do. This is a good opportunity to see the Marines in their working environment and accomplishing the mission.”

The Marines can accomplish anything and excel with motivation and God, according to Burt.

“I, like all Americans, think the Marines are people who serve,” Burt said. “Marines are special, and serving them as chaplain of the Marine Corps is a tremendous privilege. I look forward to working with them for a long time to come.”

Burt will continue his scheduled tour of the Marine Corps concluding with Marine Corps Base Mount Fuji, Japan, later in the year.