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Tri-Command plans Laurel Bay revitalization project

By Cpl. K. A. Thompson | | April 29, 2005

Recently there has been increased construction activity aboard Laurel Bay including new schools, homes and the addition of a Welcome and Community Center.

In addition, there will be a $48 million revitalization project that Tri-Command Military Housing has scheduled to begin in July or August, which will include renovations on existing homes, landscaping and streetscaping.

The Laurel Bay Revitalization Project is going to give the homes of Laurel Bay more of a community look and feel, according to Katie Smith, director of communications, Tri-Command Military Housing.

“The goal of the project is to make Laurel Bay look more like a community you would see out in town,” Smith said. “Not only will the homes receive major renovations and landscaping, but there will be more added area enhancements as well.”

Aesthetic improvements scheduled to take place around Laurel Bay include the burying of power lines and tree planting on the main streets. There will also be pavilions built in the neighborhoods, the entryway onto Laurel Bay will have more landscaping and a gazebo and new street signs will be erected, according to Smith.

“Due to deployments, schools and other things that come up, it’s important to make our military families feel comfortable in their own neighborhoods,” Smith said. “The kids especially need something to do. This is why we have been working hard to build community centers and tot lots.”

Improvements made on LB homes depend on the type of house residents currently live in, along with their rank, according to Smith. Officer homes will be receiving exterior renovations, added square footage and landscaping. Enlisted homes will receive exterior renovations and landscaping. Planned renovations may include enclosing carports to make garages, adding porches onto the front of homes, painting, adding siding and building irrigation systems. The project is estimated to take about two-and-a-half years to complete.

“It’s important for all of our residents to understand that we are working very diligently towards our goal of improving all of the Tri-Command communities,” Smith said. “Coming into a community and making huge changes like this can’t happen overnight. This all takes time.”

A greater sense of community is definitely shared through exterior home renovations, home improvements and landscaping, according to Smith.

“Just pulling into your driveway alone will be a better experience than before,” Smith said. “The homes and the streets will be full of color. As a whole, the neighborhoods will be brighter and happier.”

Laurel Bay residents will remain informed of the project’s progression, according to Smith. As the project liaison, Smith will be holding town hall meetings, delivering newsletters and meeting with residents on a regular basis.

“Each resident will receive information on the renovation plans and meetings,” Smith said. “If we could have as much participation in these meetings as possible, it will cut out a lot of the confusion when the renovations actually start.”

For more information on the Laurel Bay Revitalization Project, contact Smith at 846-5311 or email ksmith@tricommand.com.