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‘312 Marine wins 2nd MAW Marine of the Quarter

By Lance Cpl. Dane M. Horst | | May 11, 2007

One Fightertown Marine recently confirmed in Cherry Point, N.C., that the Corps’ competitive spirit and constant pursuit of military excellence is still very much alive in the fleet today.

Through these qualities, Lance Cpl. Andrew Wallace, an ordnanceman assigned to Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312, proved to all of Marine Aircraft Group 31 and the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing that he deserves the title, “2nd MAW Marine of the Quarter,” April 18 while competing with five other 2nd MAW Marines at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C.  

“It was a true honor to even compete in these boards, and it was a privilege to represent not only the Checkerboards, but MAG-31 at the Wing level,” Wallace said.

A MAW Marine of the Quarter should possess the qualities of an outstanding, all around Marine, according to Sgt. Maj. James Sutton, the sergeant major for MAG-31.

“He or she should display the desire to excel in all his duties as a Marine, and by his or her performance both on and off duty,” Sutton said. “The Marine of the Quarter should stand out as the highest example for his or her leaders to recognize and peers to emulate.”

It was Wallace’s continued excellence over the long process of multiple boards at the different levels of command that has displayed his outstanding representation of his Squadron, Group, and the Wing, explained Sutton.

“Wallace competed and won the Checkerboards’ Marine of the Quarter Board, which earned him the right to compete for the MAG-31 Marine of the Quarter,” Sutton said. “Due to his outstanding performance at the MAG board he was selected as the MAG-31 Marine of the Quarter.” “Wallace then represented MAG-31 at the 2nd MAW Marine of the Quarter Board in Cherry Point, which led to his dominating performance and ultimate victory.”

During the competitions, the subjects were evaluated by a panel of senior enlisted leaders using recommendation letters from their current leaders and data from military records, to measure the Marine’s daily performance, bearing, appearance and knowledge of essential Marine Corps subjects.

“I had really good (noncommissioned officer) leadership that helped me prepare for all of the boards I participated in,” Wallace said. “I also spent a lot of time studying Marine Corps knowledge, as well as preparing my uniforms.”

On top of being prepared for the different boards, Wallace also demonstrates Marine of the Quarter behavior on a daily basis through his hard work, appearance, tact, loyalty and overall professionalism, according to Warrant Officer Chad Ardis, the ordnance officer for VMFA-312.

“We are all very proud of (Wallace) here in Checkerboards,” Ardis said. “He has always used speed and intensity in everything he does, and when most lance corporals need direction, he always takes the initiative to get the mission accomplished, whatever that may be.”