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Weapons Shakedown

19 Dec 2008 | Cpl. Nikki Herman Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

Since there has been a rash of weapons related incidents recently, the Provost Marshals Office has made it a priortity to emphasize safety among the Marines, sailors and civilians aboard the Tri-Command area.
According to Randy Walz, the services officer with PMO, numerous weapons to include a Russian AK-47, rifles, shotguns, assorted ammunition and large knives were confiscated during the past weekend.
While all weapons are not illegal on military installations, Walz answered our questions pertaining to weapon regulations.
Who does this requirement pertain to?
“It pertains to anyone who resides, works or visits the Tri-Command area installations. If anyone brings a weapon onto a Tri-Command installation it must be registered with PMO or the Master at Arms at the Naval Hospital, even if the person is passing through the area to just drop someone off.”
What kind of weapons need to be registered?
“All pistols, rifles, knives with blades over three inches (including K-Bars), bows, paintball guns, spear guns, compressed air weapons (includes BB/pellet guns), shotguns, swords (including decorative, Officer or NCO Swords are not subject to registration), and all the assorted martial arts weaponry.”
How does one go about registering a weapon?
“The Vehicle Registration Offices on all the Tri-Command installations have the capability to register all the weapons brought to them. PMO prefers to have the weapons being registered not be brought into the Vehicle Registration building. We will be asking for the Serial number (if applicable), the make, model, caliber (if applicable), the barrel length (if applicable), the action (semi/full auto/pump/if applicable), the year made, the year purchased, the address and location of where the weapon will be located (i.e. master bedroom closet/nightstand), etc.
How soon after acquiring a weapon or arriving on base does someone have to declare and register it?
“Go to the Vehicle Registration office as soon as possible once the weapon has been purchased. Once the weapon is registered, PMO will provide you with documentation that shows proof that it is registered. It is a good idea to have that proof in the same case as the weapon, especially during the times the weapon is being transported.”
What other requirements does PMO have concerning personally owned weapons?
“If someone has a state issued concealed carry permit, this does not give you the permission to carry a weapon on a federal installation. You must register your weapon and ask for the installation’s permission to carry it through your chain of command.
“All personnel residing in transient barracks and Bachelor Enlisted Quarters are prohibited from possessing or storing firearms and dangerous weapons; as defined, in those residences. The only authorized storage area for firearms belonging to those personnel is within their unit’s armory. All personal weapons stored in the armory will be registered with the Provost Marshals Office via the Vehicle Registration office, prior to their acceptance by the parent unit armory.
“Also, per ALMAR 290/98 (Lautenberg Amendment), no person with a domestic violence conviction is authorized to possess a firearm or ammunition.”
More rules can be found in the ASO 5512.5L possession, use and storage of personal firearms, weapons, explosives, ammunition and fireworks, ASO P11000.1B BEQ Housing Manual, ASO 1700.2D Hunting, Fishing and Boating regulations, ASO P5110.1F Motor Vehicle Traffic and Entry Regulations, ASO 5500.10A Possession, Registration, Use and Sale of Privately Owned Firearms, Weapons, Ammunition, Explosives, Fireworks, and Pyrotechnics.
If someone is not sure what the requirements are to register a newly purchased weapon, or for more information, ask your immediate supervisors or contact the vehicle registration office at 228-7750.