Air Station holds second motorcycle rally

27 Mar 2009 | Lance Cpl. Kel Clark

The Air Station held its second motorcycle rally March 20. The rally was held to educate Fightertown Marines and sailors on preventative maintenance for their bikes. Instructors gave a class on maintaining and adjusting motorcycle suspension systems, and provided participants with a rider skills refresher course during the rally.

“This rally was meant to raise motorcycle awareness and safety for the riders,” said Maj. Ceasar Janay, the Marine Aircraft Group 31 ground safety officer. “The refresher course is for those riders that may have had their bikes stashed away during the cold winter months.”

Instructors with Cape Fox Professional Services, an organization contracted with the Marine Corps to support its existing Navy and Marine Corps Traffic Safety and Recreational Off-Duty Safety Program, were also at the rally helping Marines and sailors with any motorcycle inquiries.

“The Marine Corps and the II Marine Expeditionary Force invest millions of dollars in educating Marines and sailors on how to ‘ride smart,’” Janay said. “We had sponsors there, who met and greeted our riders and showed them some of their gear, showing riders there are name brand items and gear right here in Beaufort for riders to purchase.”

The riders were split into three groups for the event. The first group stayed behind and was taught by Gunnery Sgt. Sean McCullough, an instructor with the basic riders’ course, along with one of Cape Fox’s motorcycle instructors about how to adjust and maintain the suspensions of their bike.

The second group rode to the riding course on the Air Station, near the law center, for the refresher course monitored by William Reynolds, an Air Station motorcycle basic riders’ course instructor.

The third group traveled to the Air Station’s chapel for an instruction on motorcycle maintenance taught by Sgt. Steven Hodge, an instructor with the basic riders’ course.

“There are great benefits to having a large group of people come together and discuss and interact and talk about some of the challenges that go on with motorcycles,” said Col. Gregg Brinegar, the MAG-31 commanding officer. “We do the same thing in the aviation community, where we go out and fly and talk about the good and bad things that occur during a flight and look for ways to improve the next time we go out.”

The Air Station is planning on continuing to have this rally every year because of the increased participation.
“We were happy with the results of this year’s event and to see such strong command support for it,” Janay said. “Hopefully, next year, it’ll be bigger, and to everyone out there, remember: ride smart.”