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Life in the fast lane - Air Station scheduled to begin new sports bike class

9 Apr 2009 | Lance Cpl. Kel Clark Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

The Marine Corps is known for instructing Marines and sailors on how to ride their motorcycles safely, whether its for the first time or for more experienced riders. Now, the Air Station is planning another class for motorcyclists: a sports bike course.

Fightertown will be hosting the new, free Sport bike Speed and Direction Challenge class for Marines and sailors later this month.

Coaches with the motorcycle riders’ course went to the Air Station’s flightline Saturday to construct the new course.

The mission of the course is to provide a higher level of motorcycle training on proper throttle control, body positioning, visual skills, steering, braking and proper cornering techniques in a controlled environment.

“We were out there working out the kinks and preparing the course for when we begin the class,” said Sgt. Jose Berrios, a motorcycle riders’ course coach. “We were excited to be out there, knowing we will be helping Marines and sailors ride their bikes safer at normal road speeds.”

This class will be the first of its kind for the Air Station.

“The class will also help increase the riders’ awareness of their motorcycles’ capabilities and their personal skills, ultimately increasing their confidence and safety,” said Gunnery Sgt. Sean McCullough, a coach with the motorcycle riders’ course and the course coordinator.

“The idea came to me from a class given at Cherry Point, N.C., where I learned how to set up a track day,” McCullough continued. “We have been configuring a plan for this class for quite some time, and we’re happy we were able to go out and further implement a course of action.”

McCullough said the class is scheduled to begin April 25 for Marines and sailors, but the date is subject to change.

Some requirements for the course will be for riders to have a motorcycle license and have taken the basic rider course. It is recommended, but not required, that riders take the advanced motorcycle rider course and the motorcycle sports bike rider course.

“Riders will learn to ride a lot faster and will develop a new element of excitement because they will be able to pass other riders in the class,” McCullough said. “This class is merely a stepping stone for riders when they are at an actual track and out in town.”

For more information regarding the class, students can speak with their motorcycle club president or contact McCullough at