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Cpl. Michael Pike, Combat Logistics Company 23 motor transportation floor chief, performs yearly maintenance on a Humvee. Each Humvee is required to undergo basic maintenance at least once every year.

Photo by Lance Cpl. John Wilkes

Behind the scenes of CLC-23

5 Sep 2012 | Lance Cpl. John Wilkes


Groundside vehicle and weapon maintenance is a vital part of the Air Sta­tion’s daily operations. The Marines of Combat Logistics Company 23 work diligently to ensure that the Air Station oper­ates smoothly.


CLC-23 provides inter­mediate supply support, motor transport and en­gineer ground equipment maintenance as well as groundside weapons re­pair for the Air Station.


Also known as The Roughnecks, CLC-23 is a small detachment of Combat Logistics Regi­ment 25, 2nd Marine Lo­gistic Group and has been aboard the Air Station since Nov. 25, 1976


“We are a company the size of a platoon doing battalion level work,” said Master Sgt. Charley New, CLC-23 staff noncommis­sioned officer in charge.


From an armorer to a diesel mechanic, there are many diverse military occupational specialties within CLC-23; each of them capable of perform­ing the task of the Ma­rines to their left and right. Which is an asset when they deploy as individual augments with other units, said Sgt. Douglas Shamp, motor transportation qual­ity control. Without the Marines of CLC-23 in the field, there would be no engine repairs, utility re­pairs and a lack of several other repairs.


“We support the base as a whole,” said Shamp. “There is always some­thing that needs to be worked on or fixed, which is all essential.”


A definite advantage to command welfare and camaraderie is CLC-23’s size. The usual size of a company or squadron is 200 to 300 Marines vice CLC-23’s 35.


“We have a great group of Marines,” said Shamp. “We may be small, but I think that’s why we do so well; everyone knows everyone.”