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The Leadership Scholar Program is designed to help active duty and reserve Marines leaving the Marine Corps ease through the college admission process.

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Go to college after the Marine Corps

8 Nov 2012 | Lance Cpl. Sarah Cherry

Colleges want Marines to join their ranks after leaving the Corps.

The Leadership Scholar Program is designed to help active duty and reserve Marines leaving the Marine Corps ease through the college admission process.

"The LSP, along with installation Education Centers, work on a daily basis with Marines guiding them through the college admission process," said Beth Morgan, director of Higher Education Initiatives for Marine and Family Programs of Headquarters Marine Corps."

The LSP streamlines the entry process into college, with the goal of getting Marines admitted into the best school within their capabilities. Marines get a bit of extra consideration with the LSP backing them.

"An LSP recommendation adds significant weight to the application," Morgan said. "It essentially provides an advanced, singled out "look" prior to the school Admissions Offices making final decisions on who is offered the opportunity to enroll."

Applicants must meet the following criteria: have graduated high school or have a GED and a significant amount of college credits, have a recommendation from a commanding officer or their unit leadership, and have a test score from the ASVAB, SAT or ACT meeting the standards of the school to which an applicant intends to enroll and exiting the Marine Corps before the semester they are applying for begins.

"Acceptance is always at the discretion of the college, however, to date 100 percent of Marines who completed the process to participate in the Leadership Scholar Program have been accepted to at least one of the colleges of their choice," said Morgan.

Marines have been accepted to schools like Dartmouth, Columbia and Brown through LSP. If a Marine is more proficient than their transcripts represent, there are still options.

"Completing initial coursework through a community college might be of benefit if high school coursework/grade point average does not highlight their true academic capabilities," said Morgan. Our goal is to help Marines who are interested in attending college find a way to get into the best college they can."

The program creates an opportunity for Marines to learn at colleges, but their fellow students to learn from experienced veterans.

"[Marines] bring a unique diversity along with maturity, leadership and self-discipline. Marines are getting a great education and the country gets citizens better prepared to compete in the job market," said Morgan. "By having Marines on campus, other students have a chance to learn from Marines who have experiences what many will never in their lifetime."

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