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Warrior Challenge tests Air Station

By Cpl. John Wilkes | | March 21, 2013


Marine Corps Community Services Semper Fit program held a Warrior Challenge March 11-14 at the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort fitness center.

The Warrior Challenge is similar to a modified combat fitness test and has aspects of the High Intensity Tactical Training program, said Harriet Fisher, MCCS Semper Fit Coordinator.

"We have held this event numerous times in the past," said Fisher. "Marines love this event and there is always a great turnout."

The Warrior Challenge consists of a 240-pound-tire being flipped numerous times, sprints, low crawls, hurdles, battle ropes, a 75-pound power sled pull over 40 yards, sledgehammer tire slams, a 75-pound power sled push, farmer’s carry and the ammo can overhead press.

"The idea behind the course was to build something both fun and challenging for Marines," said Fisher. "It is a full body exercise but the lower and upper body [muscles] get the most work. It’s a very, very challenging course."