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Prepare for worst, hope for best

By Pfc. Brendan Roethel | | April 18, 2013


Marines and their spouses learned how to prepare for the worst during an Emergency Preparedness Brief held at the Marine Corps Family Team Building office, April 11.

The Emergency Pre­paredness Brief gets people thinking about different disaster situ­ations, how they could be affected by the disas­ter, and what steps they can take to ensure their families stay safe and are prepared before the incident occurs.

“With hurricane sea­son right around the corner, getting people thinking about all of these possibilities is especially important,” said Becky Salazar, the LifeSkills Program train­er for MCFTB.

There were varying experts on the subject from within the local area as well as two ex­perts from Penn. State, all with different expe­riences and information to provide.

The workshop offered an opportunity to edu­cate participants on the dangers and precautions that should be taken during hurricane sea­son, including what to have in a hurricane pre­paredness kit and what should be considered while they are prepar­ing. Participants also learned about local and national resources avail­able to them if a disaster was to occur.

The faces of the guests held expressions of amazement and disbe­lief as past disasters and their effects were described. Many who thought they were well prepared soon realized how wrong they were.

Everyone walked away with a better idea as to what they should have if a natural or man-made disaster were to occur. This also answered and informed the concerns of the audience as we approach hurricane sea­son.

“This brief was impor­tant because we are all a part of the Marine Corps community. We are all one big family, and we want to keep this family safe,” said Salazar.