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American Red Cross visits Air Station for blood drive

By Cpl. Rubin J. Tan | | May 28, 2013


 A blood drive was held aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beau­fort at the station’s chapel with free drinks, snacks, ham and pizza, May 15.

More than 60 participants attended the blood drive, ex­ceeding their goal of 25. Due to the active participation from service members and civilians, the blood drive ended sooner than scheduled from a short­age of supplies.

“Blood plays an essential role in life and the people here who are donating blood are essen­tially saving someone’s life,” said Navy Cmdr. Dean Hoelz, Marine Corps Air Station Beau­fort command chaplain.

The American Red Cross is an organization providing di­saster relief, militar y support, health and safety services, blood and humanitarian ser­vice in the United States and around the world.

An employee or Red Cross volunteer often helps the Hearts Apart deployment sup­port group on Laurel Bay by providing information and tips for handling emergencies. The organization also provides Red Cross messages to help de­ployed service members con­nect with their families during emergencies at home.

“Events like these give people the opportunity to be of service to someone in the community while also having the potential to directly impact a fellow service member,” said Hoelz, a native of Summer­ville, S.C.

The next blood drive is slat­ed to occur July 17 inside the Air Station’s chapel.

“In July we are expected to receive even more involvement in our blood drive and to better service donors, the drive will have more members from the Red Cross,” said Hoelz.

Donors must meet eligibility requirements to donate blood, which can be found at www. redcrossblood.org.

“I came out here today be­cause it’s important to help out in anyway possible and as service members, it’s another way to serve our community,” said Cpl. Edgar Reyes, Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 31 consolidated automated support system technician.

For more information about future blood drives contact the Air Station chapel at 228-7775.