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Sgt. Kalen Gall, a heavy equipment mechanic with Combat Logistics Company 23 aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, reels in the first catch of the day during an Operation Adrenaline Rush unit fishing trip, held by Marine Corps Community Services, off the shore of Hilton Head Island, S.C., May 15. OAR is meant to teach service members safe activities that can help them manage stress related to combat or their daily work routines.

Photo by Pfc. Brendan Roethel

CLC-23 builds camaraderie during OAR

28 May 2013 | Pfc. Brendan Roethel Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

The Marines of Com­bat Logistics Company 23 caught fish and sun rays during a unit fishing trip out of Hilton Head, S.C., May 15.

The fishing trip was apart of Operation Adren­aline Rush and was set up for the unit by Outdoor Recreation. The purpose of the event was to build unit cohesion, show the service members the dif­ferent activities offered in the area and to teach service members differ­ent ways to manage stress related to combat or their daily work routines.

The trip showed the Ma­rines and sailors they can participate in activities that do not involve negative or destructive behavior while building camaraderie, said 2nd Lt. Nicholas Rem­shak, the executive officer for CLC-23. This enables the Marines and sailors to trust their leadership and fellow service members and know they can rely on them if they are strug­gling personally or profes­sionally.

The service members were randomly assigned to groups allowing them to interact with members of the unit they normally don’t get the chance to in­teract with. Due to the ac­tivity and the small groups who fished together, it en­couraged the Marines and sailors to get to know one another in a less formal environment.

“As a new Marine with the unit, this trip gave me an opportunity to get to know some of the Marines in my unit, and it gave them an opportunity to get to know me as well,” said Cpl. Brian O’Donnell, an equipment mechanic with CLC-23. “Going on this trip brought us all togeth­er and it is something that we all can do now on our off time together.”

At the end of the fish­ing trip everyone came off the boats with smiles on their faces, sea stories to tell and a greater amount of knowledge about those they work with everyday.

“It is very easy to get caught up in the day to day operational tempo and neglect to take time out for Marines to decompress and interact with one another outside of their workspaces,” said Rem­shak. “Operation Adrena­line Rush was a great op­portunity for the Marines of CLC-23 to interact with each other in a positive and stress free environ­ment. Also, it is important for Marines to build ca­maraderie and this was a great way to achieve that.” For more information on events available with Op­eration Adrenaline Rush, contact the outdoor recre­ation office at 228-7472.