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Fightertown ready to dive into summer

30 May 2013 | Pfc. Brendan Roethel

Get your swimsuits Fightertown because the Station Pool aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort opened up for the first time in two years to active duty service members, Department of Defense employees and military retirees, May 29.

The Station Pool was closed due to leaks in the pool and repairs that had to be made to the pool’s office. With the repairs completed, the pool is now open for lap swims, unit physical training, water aerobics classes offered by Semper Fit and Marine Corps Water Survival Training Program sessions for basic and intermediate levels.

Everything that takes place at the pool is meant to make Fightertown Marines physically stronger and more confident swimmers, said Sgt. David Labell, a Marine Corps instructor of water survival with Station Training aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. Swimming gives the service members more variety for their physical training routines.

Being physically conditioned as a runner is great, but being well conditioned in the water has been scientifically proven to be more beneficial, said Labell. Swimming actively engages more muscle groups than running and is more beneficial than going to the gym and working out only one group of muscles. Swimming is also less strenuous on the joints and body making it safer in the long run.

"Marines are amphibious by nature, that is why after being closed for two years its important to open the pool back up and get Marines back in the water," said Labell. "Give yourself goals and don’t just settle for basic. I encourage everyone to come down, challenge themselves and take advantage of everything that will be offered at the pool."

For more information regarding the Station Pool or the different sessions offered contact the Station Training Office at 228-6642.