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A labor of mud

By Sgt. Terika King | | September 5, 2013

The Single Marine and Sailor Program sponsored a trip to Myrtle Beach for the Dirty Myrtle Mud Run, Aug. 31.

Marines were able to test their speed and endurance during the three-mile course filled with a variety of obstacles and mud pits.
The morning was foggy and ominous, but the Marines were ready to attack the challenge.

“We’re ready,” said Pfc. Chris Merrel, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 251 aviation ordnance technician, as he wrapped duct tape around his sneakers to keep from losing them during the course.

Runners ranged from five year olds who completed the kid’s run, through senior citizens.

As the group awaited their turn, the individual runners were sent on their way.

Once the go-ahead was given, the four-man team took off like a shot from a rifle. They dodged their way between runners and immediately found themselves at the first obstacle: a giant mud pit deep enough to swim through.

After the initial slog through the mud, the Marines were game for anything, treating the event as if it were a giant playground.

“Cannon ball,” shouted Cpl. Brice Stephenson, VMFA-251 aviation ordnance technician, as he executed the maneuver at the pit in front of a huge mountain of dirt.

Somewhere along the way, the team got seperated, but continued to push through. Rolling down hills and splashing in the mud pits, the Marines showed other participants how to have a little fund in the dirt.

Once they crossed the finish line, Merrel celebrated with a little air guitar action as bystanders snapped photos.

“You gotta have fun with it,” said Merrel as the group prepared to leave. Though they didn’t take home first place, the mission to have a good time was accomplished.

The Single Marine and Sailor Program sponsors trips each month for a reduced rate. Tournaments and social gatherings are also offered. For more information visit the SMP website under the “Things To Do” tab at www.mccs-sc.com or call 228-1541.