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Motor Transport drives through deployments

By Cpl. Brady Wood | | January 27, 2014


Marine Wing Support Squadron 273 motor transport not only transports troops and supplies during deployments, but also supports tenant units of Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in garrison.

Marines in motor transport are in charge of operating and maintaining tactical military and commercial motor vehicles.

When motor transport Marines deploy, they are charged with helping the units they are attached to. This includes any local friendly forces.

“When I was deployed in 2011 we supported the Jordanians,” said Lance Cpl. Brett Bond, a motor transport operator for MWSS-273. “We supported the units and Jordanians, by offering them supplies or fixing their vehicles. When they called upon us for help, we would grab our gear and go to their location in order to provide the needed support.”

During his time deployed, Bond learned how to perform minor maintenance duties on military vehicles.

“After I learned a little bit about fixing up trucks, I actually helped other units with repairs so they could get them running again,” said Bond. “There was a time where we fixed six trucks in about two days.”

“It’s always great learning new things,” said Lance Cpl. Andrew Mobley, a motor transport technician with MWSS-273. “It’s great being taught something outside your military occupational specialty and to be given the opportunity to use the knowledge that you learned.”

Another time during his deployment, Bond and his team had to recover a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle that was badly damaged. Bond described that the entire back end of the MRAP was gone and they had to use a Logistics Vehicle System Replacement wrecker in order to transport it over mountains which became difficult since at the time the LVSR wrecker was only operating in two-wheel drive.

One of the dangers in a deployed environment is that if motor transport Marines need to transport supplies, the convoy needs to be ready for any hostile encounter, said Bond.

Whether it’s in a deployed environment or at their home base, motor transport Marines are capable and ready to provide supplies and troops to units that are in need of their help.