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Air station construction to affect navigation

By Cpl. Brady Wood | | January 27, 2014


The Public Works office has been working on various projects to enhance Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort since summer 2013.

One enhancement is a new fence that will surround the flight line area.

“The main purpose of the new fence is to separate people and personally owned vehicles from the flight line,” said Scott Roberts, an architect with Public Works. “Once the fence is complete, you will have to park outside the fence and then swipe your ID in order to gain access to the other side.”

The new fence will also affect getting around base. For example, once it’s completed Marines that work on the other side of the flight line such as explosive ordnance, will have to take the long way to the main road in order to go to the Marine Corps Exchange or the Officers’ Club.

Even though the fence will affect the way Marines get to work, Roberts says that “Public Works aims to accomodate them in any way possible.”

To accomodate Marines having to park their vehicle outside the new fence, Public Works is going to be building multi-level parking garages.

Due to the fence overlapping a part of Perimeter Rd., Marines and civilians will have to use government vehicles in order to gain access to the recycling center, as the gate will require a Level 2 clearance.

The fence will also overlap a section of the original Marine Aircraft Group 31 and Corporal’s School physical fitness test three mile run path. To fix this issue, a new road and running path will be made which will affect the half way mark for the PFT run.

“The reason why the fence is covering this part of Perimeter Rd. is due to the fact that the current road would interfere with the runway,” said Navy Lt. Cmdr. John Brown, the Public Works officer.

The new fence is slated to be complete by early summer this year.

As the months move ahead, Air Station personnel will see the enhancements as they come fruition. Currently, all the main projects are scheduled to be completed by fiscal year 17.