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MCAS Beaufort Warrior Challenge

By Lance Cpl. Brendan Roethel | | February 27, 2014


Marine Corps Community Services’ Semper Fit program held a Warrior Challenge at the Fitness Center aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Feb. 24-25.

The Warrior Challenge includes elements of the Marine Corps’ combat fitness test and High Intensity Tactical Training. The competitors were all timed, although many ran for fun. The thrill of competition ignited the competitive spirit of many Marines driving them to work hard and support their fellow Marines.

"Our last Warrior Challenge was a big hit. Now everybody wants to participate," said Harriet Fisher, a physical fitness programs coordinator with the MCCS Semper Fit program aboard the Air Station. "It’s a great way for Marines to challenge themselves, encourage their fellow Marines and build onto their competitive nature and workout plans."

Participants began the course with tire flips followed by hurdle jumps, TRX low rows and alternating battle rope wood choppers. Next, participants would run to the sled pull, which was followed by pushups, sledge hammer swings, kettle bell squats and a slalom cone run. After running through the cones, participants completed the plyo box jump, a 20 yard bear crawl and a 25 yard sprint up to the final station, 20 ammunition can presses.

"I decided to participate in the Warrior Challenge as a spontaneous challenge for myself," said Lance Cpl. Ryan Boyero, an intelligence specialist for Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 533 aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. "It was insane. It was worse than a [Combat Fitness Test]. The first part, the tire flips, and keeping my composure throughout the course were the most challenging parts of the course. It was a great test, and I will definitely do it again next time."

The Warrior Challenge serves as a way to build Marines mentally and physically, Fisher said. It allows participants to challenge themselves physically, and at the end allows them to walk away knowing that they pushed themselves and were able to succeed.