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Bolden museum makes history come to life

By Sgt. Marcy Sanchez | | May 20, 2014

Walking through the hallways of Bolden Elementary / Middle School was a walk through history as a few students from all grades participated in the school’s Live Wax Museum aboard the Laurel Bay Housing Community, May 8. 

Students lined the hallways portraying various historical figures that, once activated, would come to life and deliver an oral presentation of that person’s life and accomplishments. Portrayals went beyond memorizing and reciting a Wikipedia article, the project included displays, multimedia, attire of the era and even some make up here and there. 

“They are really getting it down, engaging with the audience and learning to put together a script and outline,” said Jamie Vasquez, mother of Adam Vasquez, a third grade student at Bolden. “It’s a lot of memorization, dates, names, this and that.”

Parent involvement was also essential in the success of the student’s project.

“You have to be involved as a parent. They do some of this stuff in class but they don’t have enough time for it all, so a lot of it has to be done at home,” said Jamie Vasquez. “[Students] need to put themselves in that time period with everything that person was going through. If we can get them to make that connection then they’ll understand.”

Aside from parental involvement, peer review and encouragement is also helpful to some students. 

“You really need teamwork to come up with stuff,” said Chloe Pratt, daughter of David Pratt, a civilian police officer with the Provost Marshal’s Office at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. “Your friends can always help review your presentation.”

The wide array of figures presented included notable African Americans, presidents, first ladies, authors, musicians and many others that worked in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related fields. 

Adam, the son of Chief Warrant Officer Ramon Vasquez, a Material Maintenance Control Officer with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115, participated in the museum by portraying one of the most influential individuals in the civil rights movement of the ‘60s, Martin Luther King Jr. 

“They are practicing public speaking, which is great for later on,” said Jamie Vasquez. “It helps them not be so scared because it could be nerve-racking, we all get nervous being up there.”

Chloe Pratt, a 6th-grade student at Bolden who portrayed Amy Beach, the first successful female composer of large-scale art music, started working on gathering all the material and information for her project over three months prior to the event. 

“It was a lot of work,” said Chloe. “It has helped me learn more about history and speaking in front of groups.”

From the Norse explorer Leif Erikson to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the museum featured many figures in history that have changed the way we live today. The museum offered students an interactive and inspiring walk through history. 

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