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Lowcountry Living connects service members

26 Sep 2014 | Sgt. Marcy Sanchez

Service members and their families all share a common bond, the military lifestyle. Marine Corps Community Services is slated to hold the Lowcountry Living Tri-Command Community Fair on Sept. 27 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., as a means to connect military service members and families across the Tri-Command. 
The fair is part of the Front Porch Series, an initiative created by Bonnie Amos, wife of Gen. James Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps, will be held at the Laurel Bay Youth Center and will feature opportunities for military families to learn more about their community and programs available to them. 
Although the fair will also offer games and food for families to enjoy, military service members and their families are encouraged to use the gathering as an opportunity to network and meet their neighbors. 
“Its part of the Front Porch initiative by Mrs. Amos, have people step out in their community and see what’s available to them,” said Daneil Cox, the Marine Corps Family Team Building director aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. “It’s a sense of community and togetherness they can also find volunteer opportunities and meet their neighbors and get involved.”
According to Cox, the event will feature opportunities to volunteer with internal and external organizations while promoting Mrs. Amos’ reading list and MCCS programs.
The fair will also feature Starlett Henderson, co-author of “1001 Things to Love about Military Life,” which is featured on Mrs. Amos’ revised reading list. 
“The reading list was recently changed and Mrs. Henderson’s book talks about how you can make this military experience a positive one,” said Christina Swick, the MCCS Coordinator. “She’s a military spouse too and can talk to patrons about the reading list and expand their horizons on reading from the list.”
The fair will also feature all Marine Corps Community Services programs offered to service members for information about resources available through MCCS and opportunities to meet others.
“It’s not going to be your average information booth,” said Swick. “Each program will be interactive and have an activity to complete to get individuals involved.”
Units throughout the Tri-Command will also have an chance to profit from unit participation.
“There is an opportunity for units to win additional unit funds,” said Cox. “Active-duty personnel can sign in to represent their unit and based on who has the highest percentage attended, they will win $1,000 to their unit fund.”
For units that are currently deployed spouses can sign in to represent the service member.
In the event of bad-weather the fair will be moved indoors into the Laurel Bay Youth Center.
The Lowcountry Living Community Fair will offer service members the opportunity to magnify their resilience, readiness and awareness through their community and the opportunities available.
“The military community is all about the family that’s within your Marine Corps family,” said Swick. “If you don’t know your neighbors and not getting involved then you’re missing that sense of family within the Marine Corps.”