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Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort hosted commanding generals from installations across the Corps for the Marine Installations Board, Nov. 17-20. The MIB serves as an overarching installations advisory body in support of bases and stations throughout the Marine Corps.

Photo by Cpl. Brendan Roethel

Fightertown hosts Marine Installations Board

26 Nov 2014 | Cpl. Brendan Roethel Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort hosted installation commanders from across the Marine Corps for the Marine Installations Board, Nov. 17-20. 
The board serves as a Marine Corps wide forum for installation commanders to advise Marine Corps Installations Command on concerns and affairs affecting bases and stations throughout the Corps. MCICOM’s mission is to improve efficiency through the centralized management of Marine Corps installations. 
“Hosting the MIB is significant for the Air Station because we have every installation commander in the Marine Corps here in Beaufort,” said Col. Peter Buck, the commanding officer of the Air Station. “With the arrival of the Joint Strike Fighter aboard the Air Station, and the significant amount of military construction that has gone into facilitating the F-35’s arrival and realizing the aviation campaign plan for the Marine Corps, we can show other installation commanders the future of Marine aviation.”
The mission of the MIB is to address all areas of installation support to ensure optimum, consistent support to warfighters and the Marine Air Ground Task Force, and quality of life support for Marines, sailors, and their families. The MIB also guides the long-range vision for base infrastructure by assessing and shaping installations.
“With help from our fellow commands and installations we can lower the Marine Corps budget as a whole,” said Col. Yori Escalante, the deputy commander for Marine Corps Installations East. “Installation commanders within Marine Corps Installations East, as well as the Marine Corps as a whole, have to keep open lines of communication so we can support one another to continuously improve our installations budgets and accomplish tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible.”
Meetings such as the MIB ensure the Marine Corps Operating Forces receive the highest possible levels of installation services and support to maintain the warfighting readiness of the Marine Corps. 
“The Air Station has put its best foot forward and has done a great job,” Buck said. “I’m proud of all my Marines and thank all of those that helped organize and support this event.”