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Ringing in the new year safely

By Pfc. Jonah Lovy | Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort | January 16, 2015

Returning to work after the holidays presents unique challenges. Service members have been away from their work stations enjoying time with friends or family. Re-focusing on the mission or task at hand is essential for productivity, and safety remains extremely important. Back in the Saddle training was developed to help service members re-examine the safety concerns around them.
“We know that everything’s been kind of [relaxed] for about a month,” said DelRoy Tingley, the explosive safety officer aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. “Now we focus again on what we’re doing and how to do it safely.”
The training is composed of multiple elements; reviews of local standard operating procedures, walk throughs of work centers, guided discussions led by staff noncommissioned officers and officers in charge, and voluntary protection program classes, said Stanley Dutko Jr., director of safety aboard MCAS Beaufort.
“The purpose of BITS training is to provide a reorientation period for all personnel, military and civilian,” said Dutko. “We want to focus on the “task at hand” with an emphasis on policies, procedures, processes and safe operations.”
Back in the Saddle training focuses on making sure every work station is safe in their day to day operations. Every job on base has unique safety issues and each individual command has an opportunity to brief their Marines separately.
“What we want you to do is if you see something, say something and do something,” said Tingley. “You want to be concerned about your safety as well as the safety of those around you. It’s just like combat, if you’re watching his back and he’s watching yours things are better.”
Training events will occur from January 12 to 23 and will be mandatory for all military personnel and department of defense civilians. For more information about specific dates and times, speak with your command.