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Next generation squadron intel has arrived

By Pfc. Jonah Lovy | Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort | February 13, 2015


Intelligence Marines from Marine Aircraft Group 31 attended the Squadron Intelligence Training and Certification Course, graduating Feb. 13.

The four-week course trains intelligence Marines to serve in the air combat element of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force. This training provides students with the operational information and understanding they need to support the specific needs of each aircraft.

"This course is designed to give them the training that they need in order to do the job at their squadrons," said Maj. Audie Cooper, operations officer for 2nd Marine Division, in Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Intel Marines assist the Air Combat element by analyzing enemy and friendly flight capabilities, and advising pilots on how to effectively use their aircraft.

Marines in the course visited Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312, Feb. 2. Students toured a static display of an F/A-18 and trained in the flight simulator.

Students can gain a greater comprehension of friendly aircraft from this tour, said Audie.

"We covered the basic tour, things like top speed, gross weight and the types of weapons it can carry," said Capt. Bryan Grygo, F/A- 18 Hornet pilot with VMFA-312.

Marines toured a static display of an F/A-18 and asked questions about its capabilities.

Marines learned about the entire aircraft as well as many of the weapons systems and maintenance gear. Intel School focuses on enemy aircraft but does not extensively include friendly capabilities.

"They’re very good at studying the [enemy], the threat, enemy missiles and aircraft" said Grygo.

According to Audie, this is the 10th course held here by MAG-31 on MCAS Beaufort.