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NMCRS Active Duty Fund Drive begins March 1

26 Feb 2016 | Capt. Clayton Groover Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

  For more than 240 years, Marines and Sailors have answered our nation’s call with courage and devotion. We take great pride in taking care of our service members and their families, however the Navy and Marine Corps cannot meet every need alone. 

  Since 1904, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society has helped active duty Marines and Sailors deal with crises, schedule and pay for emergency travel, and take care of their family when times get tough.  

  The Society also supports Navy and Marine Corps families as well as our wounded warriors, giving our service members peace of mind whether deployed or in garrison.

  The annual Active Duty Fund Drive has two primary purposes:  First, to raise awareness among active duty Marines and Sailors about the programs and services available to them. And second, to raise funds to support the Relief Society.

  Last year, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort and Marine Aircraft Group 31 contributed nearly $19,000 to the Active Duty Fund Drive.  The Relief Society provided more than $288,000 in financial assistance to our Marines and fellow Shipmates. 

  The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provides the following to Marines and Sailors aboard MCAS Beaufort:

• Short-term, no-interest loans 
• Grants, as necessary
• Registered nurses who make home visits
• Thrift shops
• “Welcome baby” gift bags for expectant families
• Scholarships and loans for undergraduate education
• Budget counseling and personal financial management training

  Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society loans and grants may be used for

• Basic living expenses (like food, gas, and lodging)
• Emergency travel expenses
• Personal expenses when military pay is delayed
• Essential vehicle repairs
• Family funeral expenses
• Medical/dental expenses such as co-pays 

  A $10 monthly allotment from your paycheck becomes $120 without any effort, and could mean a lot to someone who needs help to fly home to the bedside of a loved one.

  Each Marine and Sailor is encouraged to support the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. The chances are that you or someone you know will experience the benefit of this organization this year. 

  “This fund drive is for our own, from our own,” said Col. Peter D. Buck, the commanding officer of MCAS Beaufort.