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Travel Restrictions

March 16, 2020


MCAS Beaufort will remain at normal operations to continue our mission of supporting MAG-31, this includes all MCCS activities. By direction of the Department of Defense the following measures will be implemented, starting today.

Travel restrictions are in effect from March 16 to May 11.

  • All Marines will stop movement of any Permanent Change of Station (PCS) or Temporary Duty (TDY).
  • All USMC civilian personnel and family members will stop movement of any government funded transportation, including all PCS and TDY.
  • Travel that has already been initiated, meaning the individual(s) are in transit, may continue to their final destination.
  • Individuals whose TDY ends while the travel restriction is in effect are authorized to return to their homes. 

Marine leave and liberty is only authorized locally. For Marines working aboard MCAS Beaufort, this is no greater than an 85 mile radius from MCAS Beaufort.

Exceptions to the guidelines above are granted on a case by case basis and through the individual’s chain of command.

For more details on the information above check out MARADMIN 167/20 at https://www.marines.mil/News/Messages/Messages-Display/Article/2112231/update-3-us-marine-corps-disease-containment-preparedness-planning-guidance-for/.

Additionally, DoDEA Schools on Laurel Bay are closed and will remain closed until further notice.

Further updates will be posted as policies and directives are established and promulgated.

Continue to follow guidance and information pertaining to COVID-19 from The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html.

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort 1st Lt. Kevin Buss