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Face Coverings Required

April 8, 2020


Effective 0800, Friday, 10 April, all individuals conducting business aboard MCAS Beaufort and Laurel Bay will be required to carry a face covering at all times and to wear it where the CDC recommended 6-feet of social distancing cannot be maintained.

Locations where entry will be denied for those not wearing a face covering include, but are not limited to: IPAC, Chow Hall, Hangar One, Subway, Laurel Bay Marine Mart, MCAS MCX, Postal, Barber Shop, DEERS, Housing Office, Dry Cleaners, and Pass & ID.

Examples of appropriate face coverings include, scarves, neck gaiters, and non-medical masks. All uniformed personnel will adhere to specific colors for face coverings to include: plain white, black, tan, olive green, blue, or MARPAT.

Additionally, the scanning of ID cards at all gates will be conducted through the driver side window. Personnel will hold their ID card against the driver side window until the Gate Sentry scans the ID card. If scanning through driver side window fails, the Gate Sentry will attempt to scan through windshield, if unsuccessful, the Gate Sentry will ask to put the window down. Follow the instructions of the Gate Sentry at all times.

Thank you for your continued patience as we continue refining our protective measures to ensure the health and safety of MCAS Beaufort personnel.

Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort