'Click It or Ticket' campaign kicks off

21 May 2004 | Cpl. Craig A. Sherman

Provost Marshal’s Offices around the Marine Corps will setting up checkpoints in an effort to support the 14th Annual Click it or Ticket Campaign from May 24 until June 6.

“The National Click it or Ticket Campaign is an effort by law enforcement across the country to increase the use of seat belts in drivers and passengers,” said Staff Sgt. Timothy Hoeksema, traffic accident investigation chief, Air Station Provost Marshal’s Office. “We are using strong messages and high-visibility enforcement aboard Laurel Bay and the Air Station to promote seat belt use.”

More than 320 military personnel died in traffic accidents in the past year.
“We are going to concentrate on service members between 18 to 24 years old,”  Hoeksema said. “They are the highest offenders of people who do not buckle up.”

Service members who are issued a citation for not wearing a seatbelt on or off base can have their driving privileges suspended for seven days, according to Hoeksema.

Civilian police stations are working with the Air Station to help keep Marines  safe. In an effort to keep them safe, all seatbelt violations are reported to PMO aboard the Air Station.

“The Click it or Ticket Program is a great way to remind service members to buckle up every time they get into their vehicles,” said Cpl. Brian Peace, desk sergeant, PMO. “Out in town or aboard the Air Station, Marines need to be safe.”

If a vehicle is pulled over and the passengers are licensed drivers they will also be issued a citation, according to Hoeksema. If a passenger is under the age of 16, the driver will receive a citation for not securing a minor.

“Remember, we don’t enjoy pulling out our ticket books, but it is a lot better than pulling a dead or seriously injured person out of crashes where a seat belt would have made the difference,” Hoeksema said.  “So, if you will not buckle up to save your life, buckle up to avoid being written a ticket.”