Roughnecks bombard explosive ordnance range

6 Jun 2003 | Pfc. C. Alex Herron

Marines and Sailors of Combat Service Support Detachment 23 went to the Air Station explosive ordnance disposal range, May 29, to conduct demolition training.

The training evolution consisted of several classes about non-electrical and electrical firing systems from the EOD technicians. ?This provides Marines training in warrior skills, said Maj. Dutch Bertholf, commanding officer, CSSD-23. ?These skills are used to accomplish their mission in an expeditionary environment.?

The day began with a four-mile foot movement to the EOD range at 6 a.m. By
9 a.m., the Marines were receiving classes from EOD personnel. After the classes, the Marines were split into groups of three for practical application with the different firing systems. The Marines also received a class on land mines from Staff Sgt. Gregory E. Wrubluski, an EOD tech with Marine Wing Support Squadron 273.

?I liked blowing stuff up,? said Lance Cpl. Jason Carlson, a motor transport Marine with the Roughnecks. ?It was one of the few times in the Marine Corps you can mess something up.?

After a short break, the Roughnecks participated in a mine-probing class and exercise with Chief Warrant Officer David S. Pummell, the EDO Officer-In-Charge. The Marines took part in a mock convoy ambush where they had to place security, take care of the wounded and probe for mines.

?Overall it was good training,? said Sgt. Brian Sipe, a heavy equipment chief with CSSD- 23. ?It gave us a chance to see what we need to work on. It put us in an ?out of the ordinary? situation. It gave us something different to think about, other than our jobs back in the rear.?

The Marines were excited to receive the training, according to Bertholf.

?It provided Marines with the experience with various types of explosives and the knowledge of countermine operations,? said Sgt. Kelley L. Courtney, training clerk, CSSD-23.