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Users of the Department of the Navy's Civilian Hiring and Recruitment Tool will have to resubmit their resumes after Thursday to be considered for vacant jobs. The systems database is being consolidated Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Job seekers must resubmit to keep their Resumix

22 Apr 2005 | Cpl. Micah Snead

The Department of the Navy Human Resources division is restructuring one of their recruiting tools and its users must take heed or risk being left in the dust.

Many announcements for federal positions use on-line applications, resume builders and Resumix format resumes that are scanned and compiled into computer databases. The Department of the Navy currently has seven separate, decentralized recruitment databases and resume intake centers.

Beginning April 28, all seven Resumix databases will be consolidated into a single DoN-wide Resumix system. The automated Resumix system lets Human Resource Service Centers and candidates from all over the world search and browse openings and applications.

“When people apply to DoN announcements, their applications and resume go into Resumix,” said Caterina Antonacci, civilian staffing specialist, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. “This system has the ability to analyze a candidate’s overall background to decide whether or not the individual possesses all of the primary skills, knowledge and abilities for the position they are interested in.”

The systems will be down Tuesday and Wednesday and the consolidated database will be open for submissions April 28. The Navy’s on-line Civilian Hiring and Recruitment Tool funnels all of the job announcements and applications into one central spot, but users who do not resubmit their resumes will not be considered for future job vacancies, since no information from the old databases will be moved into the new system.

The CHART users will benefit from the ability to keep tabs on their on-line account, status and job interests that pulls information from the new consolidated system instead of the seven former databases. The consolidation will streamline the process, according to Antonacci.

“Consolidating the database eliminates applying multiple times,” Antonacci said. “Now, applicants will have only one resume for all of the service centers. In the past applicants interested in applying for Rota, Spain, jobs would go to HRSC-Europe to apply. With CHART, they will apply only one time and select all the geographic preferences they want.”

Previous CHART users should only notice a few changes once the new database is up and running.

“The only change applicants need to know is their resume is good for six months, instead of a year,” Antonacci said. “At the end of the six months they need to resubmit their resume again. Also, very few open-continuous announcements will remain posted. Other vacancies are announced as they become vacant.”

According to a survey conducted by the DoN Civilian Human Resources, 84 percent of users were satisfied with CHART, making it the best federal government recruitment website. With the upcoming consolidation, DoN HR leaders and managers are hoping to improve their goal of ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time to support the mission of the Department of the Navy.