Top MALS in the Corps: MALS-31 receives title of the year

9 Aug 2002 | Cpl. Jeff M. Nagan

For the second time in less than five years, the more than 950 Marines and Sailors of Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 31 received the Marine Corps Aviation Association's Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron of the Year Award. The annual award, named in honor of Col. Donald E. Davis, creator of the Marine aviation logistical program, is given to the logistics squadron that demonstrates the highest degree of leadership, logistical expertise, and innovation and superior accomplishments in support of Marine aviation."We went above and beyond our requirements and set a new standard this year," said Sgt. Jamie Law, airframe structural mechanic, MALS-31. "Along with every shop, we make certain that our maintenance level and procedural programs surpass the standards and ensures we are ready for any deployments."In addition to providing logistical support to the seven Marine and two Navy F/A-18 Hornet squadrons aboard the air station, the Stingers coordinate aircraft maintenance and combat readiness of weapons systems and equipment."We make sure that we are working hard day and night ensuring the gear is up to it's maximum potential and our counterparts can do their jobs efficiently," said Cpl. Dolly Burgos, calibration technician, MALS-31. "It's a big circle; we support each other."Over the course of the past year, Marines and Sailors of MALS-31 supported five major deployments and 23 training exercises throughout the United States, Japan and the Arabian Sea. Since the terrorist attacks last September, they have contributed to Operation Enduring Freedom and the war on terrorism."It's good to be in such a hardworking and motivated squadron," Burgos said. "It's a real accomplishment and honor to be part of becoming MALS of the year."Another large factor contributing to MALS-31's success this year is the cooperative efforts of Marines and Sailors supporting squadrons aboard the air station and on deployment."This has always been a great squadron," said Chief Petty Officer Victor Figueroa, leading chief Command Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic Detachment Beaufort. "Everyone works great together. We have some good Sailors and Marines here. However, we have to continue to maintain that same level of motivation and competitiveness in the future."In addition to putting in extra hours at the air station and abroad, MALS Marines and Sailors have contributed to the community by participating at local schools as tutors and mentors. They have also volunteered time at the Children's Hospital of Savannah."MALS-31's key to success is the great Marines and Sailors that fill her ranks," said Major Seth Hathaway, executive officer MALS-31. "Their performance goes beyond the adage 'adapt and overcome.' It is their keen ability to do things right, the first time, and do them as expeditiously as possible without compromising safety. I can think of no greater men and women to be associated than those of MALS-31."