Bundle of joy costs a bundle … Money management class offered at Fightertown for expecting families

31 Aug 2007 | Lance Cpl. Ryan L. Young

A child can be a great addition to a military member’s family. The joy of raising a child and watching him or her grow and experience life can be an indescribable feeling.

However, with that joy comes many hardships and responsibilities, including the understanding of how to properly budget for the expenses of a newborn.

Military members need not feel alone and in the dark when it comes to money management. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society offers salvation in the form of a class. Budget for Babies is a monthly class that helps military members understand the importance of managing money and preparing for the impact of a child.

“The class educates them and prepares them for the additional expenses that a baby can create,” said Vicki Young, the chair of volunteers for the Air Station’s NMCRS.

Throughout the hour and a half class, attendees are given essential budgeting information, a baby care package including clothes and supplies valued at $85 and an introduction to Women, Infants and Children, a federally funded program that offers financial assistance toward food, health care referrals and nutrition education to help families with the arrival of a new son or daughter.

“The class showed us things that affected our budget that we had never considered,” said Heather Cebulla, the spouse of a Fightertown Marine. “I took the class before my son was born and I still have the baby care package.”

“The class is an open discussion environment where the families are given a chance to learn from each other as well as from the advice the instructor presents,” Young said. “If one thing offered in the class helps, then the time is well spent.”

In addition to the class, NMCRS offers one-on-one meetings with families to assist in preparing a budget for the arrival of a child.

“We give a wealth of information,” Young said. “Educating military members and spouses is our main motive here.”

Budget for Babies is currently being held the fourth Thursday of every month. To find out more about the class, contact Vicki Young at 228-7357.