An eye on illegal waste dumping

30 Nov 2007 | Lance Cpl. Ryan L. Young

 The acres of wooded areas and miles of nature trails throughout the Air Station are facing a potential problem that could have an affect on the environment.

 Poor waste management has been noticed around Fightertown in recent months by the Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Office here.

 “I have found small and large amounts of trash in areas hidden to most people,” said Gary Herndon, a conservation officer with NREAO.

 Improper disposal of waste, also known as illegal dumping can affect plants, animals and water, Herndon said. Dumped chemicals can get into the ground, water or fishing areas, affecting wildlife.

 “In addition to the hazards this waste causes, it also gives a bad impression to visitors on the base,” Herndon said.

 Dumpsters are located throughout the Air Station to maintain proper waste management for everyone aboard Fightertown.

 “It is just as easy to properly dispose of trash in a dumpster and it keeps the base looking good,” Herndon said.

 In addition to the dumpsters, there is also an environmental recycling center located at Building 1205 on base that takes a wide variety of recyclables such as paper, cans, scrap metal, lumber, paint and batteries.

 “We can assist with any recyclables brought to us,” said James Williams, the recycling manager at the base recycling facility. “We either take what they bring us or point them in the right direction.”

 Illegal dumping can be prevented, Herndon said. It is a matter of taking advantage of the disposal sites offered to people on the Air Station.

 “Everyone has to do their part to keep this base looking great for ourselves and our visitors,” Herndon said.

 For questions concerning proper waste and recyclable disposal, contact Mr. James Williams at 228-6548 or the Environmental Recycling Center at 228-6458.