DTS takes home DOD award

21 Dec 2007 | Sgt. Lukas M. Atwell

Fightertown’s Defense Travel System Office was recognized by the Department of Defense Travel Management Office in an award ceremony at the Air Station’s headquarters building, Dec. 13.

 The DTS here was awarded a Top Performing DTS Site award by Philip Benjamin, the chief of DTMO’s customer support division. Fightertown’s DTS was one of five DoD sites to win the award and the only Marine Corps site recognized.

 “The Air Station has set the pace for DTS sites for the past seven years and is a positive example for other sites to follow throughout the Marine Corps as well as the DoD,” said Ludovic Lopez, the Air Station’s lead defense travel administrator.

 Some of the Air Station’s DTS achievements include:

 - Serving as the DTS pilot site for the Marine Corps.

 - Achieving 100 percent usage of DTS for all travel.

 - Fully supporting the travel needs of the Air Station’s operational units deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

 - Serving as the first Marine Corps pilot site to ensure that Navy funded DTS travel could be accomplished by the Marine Corps in DTS.

 - DTS continues to maintain a zero Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) delinquency rate for the Air Station for the past 51 months.

 “This accomplishment demonstrates the willingness and ability of the Air Station’s DTS Team to take the lead and assist other Marine Corps bases in their fielding of DTS,” Lopez said. “A key factor in this success is the initiative and ‘can-do’ attitudes of the DTS Help Desk personnel to provide superior customer service as well as continued command support to ensure use of DTS to its fullest capabilities.”

 “There is a lot of hard work that goes with the job,” said Pat McCracken, the DTS financial management analyst here. “It’s just nice to be recognized.”