Students learn at Starbase

14 Nov 2008 | Lance Cpl. K. L. Clark

The Air Station isn’t only home to Marines, sailors and civilians. There is much more offered here, as a group of students from Bolden Elementary School can attest to. Several fourth-grade students of Bolden Elementary School visited Starbase aboard the Air Station Nov. 3-7 to take math and science classes from some of the instructors there. “The students were learning a lot about math, science and technological advances,” said Carol Graham, a fourth-grade teacher at Bolden Elementary School. “Studies have shown that in South Carolina, the math and science scores of young students are not as high compared with worldwide levels. This week at Starbase was the Marine Corps’ effort to draw interests in math and science.” Students were at Starbase building and shooting rockets, and learning some scientific laws such as Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. They also took a field trip to Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting and saw fire trucks and different chemicals used to put out fires. Starbase holds these classes two times a year for area fourth grade students. “I learned about science that I didn’t know before,” said Javonne Watson, a fourth grader who attends Bolden Elementary School. We learned about water molecules, Newton’s laws and about the three states of matter, said Avery Donegan, a fourth grader from Bolden Elementary School. “The teachers taught us about the different net forces involved in gravity and flight,” said Joseph Clift, a fourth grader from Bolden Elementary School. Starbase allowed the students to have hands-on training with the equipment. They did a few experiments as well. “This is a great program here at Starbase,” said Suzanne Thompson, a fourth-grade teacher at Bolden Elementary School. “(Graham) and I have been coming to this program for the last 10 years. Every time we come, we always learn something new, and whatever the students learned, we try and expand on it more when we go back to school.” Graham said she hopes the students left every day with more interest in math and science and knows that the students will go back to school and tell the other fourth-grade classes about the program. Starbase is scheduled to hold another class for the remaining fouth-grade class from Bolden in May 2009.