Air Station wins inaugural Earth Day Award

29 May 2009 | Pfc. Spencer M. Hardwick

The Air Station was awarded the inaugural Earth Day award for a medium-size program by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control recently.

To win this award, the Air Station had to have the best, most efficient recycling, environmental restoration and energy conservation programs in the state in comparison to programs of similar size.

“It was truly a great honor to receive this award,” said Billy Drawdy, the Air Station natural resources and environmental affairs officer. “We greatly appreciate the help our partners contributed to us.”

In the past year, the Air Station recycled more than 25,000 ft. of railroad tracks and ties, raising more than $122,000 for the base. Work has also begun to remove underground tanks in Laurel Bay in order to ensure the best possible water quality and to take extra precautions against contamination.

 Flexible fuel and electric-powered vehicles have also been added to the fleet of vehicles here, which is one-third of the Air Station’s fleet of government vehicles.

This significantly reduces the consumption of fossil fuels. Even light bulbs have been taken into account, with compact fluorescent bulbs replacing incandescent bulbs. The new bulbs last 10 times longer and produce 75 percent less heat.

“We’ve really tried to think of every way possible to become more eco-friendly,” said Drawdy. “We’re always looking for newer, more innovative ways for us to improve the base. Our work is never done.”