Chaplain Townsend shows a true spirit for volunteering

11 Sep 2009 | Sgt. Gina C. Rindt

There are many volunteers and caring individuals aboard the Air Station who bring smiles to the faces of many people. Navy Lt. Adrienne Townsend, the Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron chaplain, is one of those people.

Whether she brings a group with her to read stories, or sing with the children of the Joe L. Warren Child Development Center aboard the Air Station, or just stops by for a quick hello, she always brings a smile and encouragement with her.

“There are times when Townsend stops by the CDC to say hello and lend a helping hand just because she can,” said Helen Rogers, the assistant director of the Air Station CDC. “When she comes by, people can’t help but smile because of her friendly nature and genuine desire to help others.”

Townsend has also been a motivational speaker for some of the staff training sessions at the CDC. These exercises were conducted in order to help the facility’s employees connect with each other and get to know everyone better, because there is such a large staff of caregivers who work differ-
ent shifts.

“Townsend has been a very influential part of helping with the children and the teachers at the CDC,” said Karen Ulmer, the CDC trainer and curriculum specialist aboard the Air Station. “She brings so much to the Air Station by doing so many little things.

“She is a very unselfish person, who gets a lot of enjoyment from seeing the smiling faces of all the people she affects in so many good ways,” Ulmer added.

Just as Townsend volunteers, others can do so by reading to children at the library or the CDC, helping with the many events aboard the Air Station and helping Marine Corps Family Team Building with events or classes.

“Volunteering is a large part of being a chaplain,” Townsend said. “It’s hard to separate the two, especially when I enjoy helping others and seeing the smiles on their faces when I’m around.

“I enjoy going to the CDC because the energy and innocence the children have encourages me to do more,” Townsend added.

Volunteering in the community or here aboard the Air Station affects not just the people being helped, but the ones putting in their personnel time to help them.

“Helping others gives me a sense of purpose and belonging to the community, the service members and their families,” Townsend said. “Having the resources and being able to stand by someone and see the problem turn into something positive is phenomenal.”