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Corporal Jason Rex, a modifications noncommissioned officer with Combat Logistics Company 23, makes repairs to a street sweeper Monday. Along with taking care of its primary mission aboard the Air Station, CLC-23 Marines also volunteer throughout the Lowcountry area for schools and for Marine Corps Community Services functions.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Kel Clark

CLC-23 volunteer throughout Fightertown, Lowcountry

22 Oct 2009 | Lance Cpl. Kel Clark

In addition to completing their primary mission aboard the Air Station, Combat Logistics Company 23 extends a helping hand to the local community on a regular basis.

Members of CLC-23 have been going above and beyond the call of duty completing day-to-day tasks on base, but have been offering their own extra time to volunteering off base moving furniture and participating in local events for as long as many of the unit’s personnel can remember.

Nineteen Marines from CLC-23 recently received letters of appreciation from Bolden Elementary School for building desks and other school items.

“We helped (Bolden Elementary School) put together wall lockers, shelves, desks and other school classroom furniture for a new fifth class opening,” Cooper said. “Some of our latest volunteering roles were the Air Station’s Health Fair, the Save A Life Tour program and a Fightertown bike race.”

Aside from assisting Bolden Elementary with their school furniture, CLC-23 volunteered at Lady’s Island Middle School this past summer at its end of the school year jamboree.

“No matter what we are asked to do or whatever we are tasked with, we are very proficient at it,” said Cpl. Armond Wheeler, an electrical equipment repair specialist with CLC-23. “While we were (at Lady’s Island Middle School and Bolden Elementary School), the staff liked the fact that we were there to help them and the students were really appreciative of us as well.”

According to Cooper, CLC-23 will continue to perform their duties diligently aboard Fightertown and extend helping hands to MCCS and local schools who ask them for their assistance.

Combat Logistics Company 23’s mission is to provide third and limited fourth echelon maintenance and nonorganic combat logistics support capabilities to 2d Marine Aircraft Wing units located aboard the Air Station.

The Combat Logistics Company 23 primarily supports Marine Air Control Squadron 2 Det A, Marine Wing Support Squadron 273, station fuels and the 6th Marine Corps District with gear and base maintenance. They supply these shops with tools and other equipment because they are a third echelon shop, according to Staff Sgt. Corey Cooper, the utilities chief and information’s officer for CLC-23.

“Our shop has the capabilities to meet certain requirements some of the units around us may need,” Cooper said. “We handle major repairs of motor transports, engineers, heavy equipment and utilities (those units) may not be able to fix themselves.”

With less than 40 Marines in the entire unit, all Marines who volunteer for CLC-23 are asked to participate for certain functions, not told to do so, according to Cooper.

“All of the volunteer work we do is all a fun experience,” said Cpl. Jason Rex, a modifications noncommissioned officer with CLC-23. “This is a great third echelon shop who loves to support everyone the best we can.”