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Lorenzo Ortega, a construction worker with Turs Boilter, saws a wooden plank in the rear of building 596 during its renovations Dec. 1. The renovations are estimated to continue for a year and the staff of the building will relocate into two of four double - wide trailers in the rear of the building for the duration the renovations.::r::::n::::r::::n::

Photo by Lance Cpl. Josh Pettway

Building 596 gets a facelift

4 Dec 2009 | Lance Cpl. Josh Pettway

For the first time in 10 years building 596 is undergoing a variety of renovations bringing upgraded work centers for Marines and modern settings. The three – phase renovation began Nov. 30 and will continue for a year.

“The renovations are slated to conclude sometime in Oct. 2010, depending on how well everything goes,” said John Hawkins, the project manager for public works. “By the time it is all finished, the building should look much better.”

The construction will consist of a fresh coat of paint, metal roof, new tiles and other modifications to improve the overall functions and appeal of the building, Hawkins said.

“The changes will improve the building a great deal and having a more hospitable working environment should really help to motivate the staff who work diligently under its roof,” said Hawkins.

Every restroom will be remodeled, adding new showers and locker rooms. The flooring will also be removed and then replaced with new tiles. The electrical systems and the heating and cooling systems will be improved to accommodate the entire building more efficiently. Renovations will begin on the second floor for the first phase of the project and on the ground floor during the next two phases.

All staff members will be relocated into two of four double-wide trailers located in the rear parking lot of building 596, once their floor undergoes renovation. Because the trailers take up so much space, people should park in the new parking lot behind the Installation Personnel Administration Center, according to Hawkins.

“Once renovations are complete, the classrooms will be much more comfortable for the students to learn in,” said David Ellard, the education services officer for the building, referring to the heating and cooling system.

The college classes on the second floor have been relocated during the first phase of renovations and students who attend Park University, or Embry – Riddle Aeronautical College will continue their courses at Elliot Elementary School on Laurel Bay.

“Because of the move, students who live on the Air Station will now have to find transportation to get to their classes,” said Ellard. Once renovations are complete students will be able to return to their previous classrooms, Ellard added.

The first phase of renovations are projected to continue for six months before starting the second phase. During the second phase of the renovations Combat Camera, Station Training, the Public Affairs Office and other ground level offices will be located in trailers to the rear of building 596.

The library’s entrance doors will undergo remodeling at the contractors discretion, but will only carry on for 24 hours, keeping the library accessible during the entire project.

“We will have to adjust to working in an enclosed area during the renovations,” said Sgt. Angel Galvan, the operations chief for Combat Camera with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron.

Station Training will have only two classrooms available during the second phase of renovations. For information on classrooms available for training contact Randy Mingledorff, the administration clerk for station training at 228 – 6642.

“Even though we will not have access to all of our resources during the renovations we are still doing what we can with what is available to make sure the work is still finished,” said Mingledorff.