New year, new equipment

15 Jan 2010 | Lance Cpl. Kevin T. Ferguson

The department of Public Works has been busy improving the quality of life around Fightertown.

Evidence of this can be found in the running track, driving range and the Nature and Fitness Trail projects that have wrapped up this past month.

Renovations to these recreational areas around the Air Station provide service members, Department of Defense employees, civilians and their families with more opportunities for outdoor activities.

Timers have been attached to the lights at the driving range, “to provide more opportunities to be able to use it,” said Navy Lt. j.g. John Nibe, the assistant Public Works officer for the Air Station. The timer lasts as long as six hours and is especially effective during fall and winter months due to the early dusk.

Another addition has been the improvements to the running track located at the Air Station football field. 

The track was resurfaced with a synthetic material that went over the asphalt in order to provide runners with a better surface to run on. That addition will also help stop water from collecting on the track by creating a runoff, Nibe explained.

The newest update to Fightertown’s outdoor recreational areas is the addition to the Nature and Fitness Trail, located at Delalio Avenue and Lafrene Road.

Exercise stations have been built throughout the three-mile trail and are open and ready for use. New equipment includes sit-up machines, pull-up bars and small obstacle courses.

These recent projects and others have been completed based on ideas brought up by Fightertown Marines who have found small ways to improve their Air Station.

“If you have a quality of life issue, as a Marine, you would go through your chain of command,” said Beth Huston, Marine Corps Air Station area coordinator with Marine Corps Community Services.

Huston added that any ideas or requests brought to a commands attention would work its way up to unit sergeants major and would be discussed in a quarterly quality of life meeting.

Fightertown Marines do have a say in their quality of life and recent updates around the Air Station prove it.