MWSS-273 H&S Company launches lance corporal's 'course'

19 Mar 2010 | Lance Cpl. Kel Clark


“Knowledge is the basis of enlightened leadership. Lead now so that you may lead tomorrow,” said Capt. Marvin Goodwin, the Marine Wing Support Squadron 273 Headquarters and Support Company company commander.

Noncommissioned officers, staff noncommissioned officers and officers have different academies and schools in place to help give them the tools to succeed in their respective ranks. The courses they take are from a few weeks to a few months, but other Marines, from privates to lance corporals, may feel left out. The Sweathogs of MWSS-273 understand this and have implemented a system just for them.

Marine Wing Support Squadron 273 Headquarters and Support Company held a lance corporal seminar for 29 lance corporals, one private first class and one Navy seaman at the Hornets’ classroom and the chapel, Monday and Tuesday.

“The seminar is for (the junior Marines and a sailor) in our company because they asked for it,” said Goodwin. “The plan is for them to be able to take the knowledge from the seminar into their careers as they prepare for the next ranks.”

The seminar consisted of different classes where service members were taught by several squadron NCOs. Some lessons taught were combat leadership, substance abuse, leadership traits, mentoring, financial management and small unit leadership.

The guidelines were made from the professional military education sessions the junior Marines received and the feedback made from them.

“This was a chance for them to learn like (NCOs),” said Sgt. Patricia Reynolds, the class coordinator. “Our company’s goal is to test this seminar first within the company, and if the commanding officer approved of the results from the first one, we would initiate it into the entire squadron. We hope to have the seminar employed throughout the entire base.”

The Sweathogs are not the first to bring the seminar to the Corps. According to Reynolds, the seminar was also done in Okinawa, Japan, and that is where she and Goodwin got the idea.

Wednesday, the students of the seminar had their very own Warrior Breakfast and graduation ceremony, where every student received a certificate for completion of the seminar.

“I attended the seminar to better myself as a Marine and be able to provide a better service for my Corps and country,” said Lance Cpl. Caleb Fox, a student of the seminar.