MCFTB Appreciates volunteers

30 Apr 2010 | Lance Cpl. Courtney C. White

Marine Corps Family Team Building welcome Fightertown volunteers to the MCFTB Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the Officers’ Club aboard the Air Station, April 22.

The event showed appreciation for the Lifestyle Insights, Networking, Knowledge and Skills, family readiness and unit family readiness volunteers during volunteer appreciation week.

Volunteers aboard the Air Station rarely receive the appreciation they deserve, which is the purpose of this event, according to Melinda Henrickson, the Air Station’s MCFTB director.

“This is a really nice formal event,” Henrickson said. “It gives Marine Corps Community Services and its commands a chance to say thank you.”

After opening remarks by Henrickson, and an invocation by Navy Lt. Adrienne Townsend, the Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron chaplain, food was served.

“It feels good to know people appreciate all the effort, time and heart you put into volunteering,” said Jennifer Doherty, a family readiness volunteer.

As dinner was served, the room filled with chatter and deep conversation, allowing the volunteers to meet new people and enjoy each others' company.

“Events like this bring the military community together and give us the chance to meet with other volunteers,” Doherty said. “I have a strong love and appreciation for helping people because it is self rewarding knowing that others are being taken care of.”

While the dessert was served, Col. John Snider, the Air Station’s commanding officer and guest of honor gave his remarks and showed appreciation, which led into the presentation of certificates.

Each volunteer received a certificate of appreciation along with a gift bag after walking on stage to shake hands with the commanding officer. Everyone walked away with a smile, while friends and other guests took pictures to capture the moment.

Henrickson made closing remarks and gave words of endearment, allowing everyone to say goodbye to new friends and take their last few memorable photos.

“I just hope everyone had a great time and felt the sincere thank you,” Henrickson said. “Events like this should help motivate people to become volunteers.”

For more information about becoming an Air Station volunteer, call Henrickson at 228-6141.