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Marines of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 reunites with spouses, children and siblings after stepping on to the flightline May 29. The Marines spent time while waiting for thier gear to be unloaded off of their aircraft.::r::::n::

Photo by Cpl. Justin Boling

Werewolves return home

3 Jun 2011 | Cpl. Justin M. Boling

The Werewolves main pack returned to their waiting peers, friends and loved ones on Fightertown May 29. Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 has had nearly a seven-month deployment to Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan.

While in Afghanistan the Marines worked hard to establish the squadron as one of the most reliable for close air support in-country.

“The hard work of my non-commissioned officers put into training and overseeing the junior enlisted was the backbone of our success,” said Sgt. Maj. David Cadd, the squadron sergeant major for VMFA-122. “The Marines put all of their heart and sweat into the mission at hand and that is why we came back with so much success.”

Just like the deployed Marines, the success of the Werewolves’ families involved working together and participating in programs to aid with the hardships of the deployment. The hard work of family readiness was evident through the ease of the deployment on the families.

“The events became more successful throughout the deployment, because more families became involved for the fellowship,” said Sarhi Wiggins, the Family Readiness officer and spouse of a deployed Marine. “The deployment really brought everyone together like a family, and we are all very excited to see our Marines come home.”

For one Marine there was an important guest waiting to meet him on the flightline - Sadie Latonis would meet her dad for the first time.

“I was happy to get to hold her for the first time, it had seemed like forever waiting to meet my little girl,” said Sgt. Matthew Latonis, an intelligence analyst for VMFA-122. “It was an exciting deployment, and a great time but I am really excited to just be a dad for a while.”

Now that the Werewolves have returned to Fightertown they can pick up the training tempo in preparation for their future deployments and exercises.

“Our Marines are the warriors and heroes that make us a success every day,” said Cadd. “They fulfill my every expectation with professionalism and spirit that sets the bar for our peers.”

Deployments on Fightertown are cyclical and are needed to support the ground forces in a time when they are in need. With the deployment complete and mission met, the Marines of VMFA-122 can now spend time with those who might need them the most - their friends and families