BAH frozen for E-5, below

16 Aug 2011 | Lance Cpl. Joshua Pettway

Marine Administrative Message 429/11 states all pending and future requests for basic allowance for housing for Marines, sergeant and below, without dependents will be frozen effective July 29.

Exceptions to the policy will be approved on a case-by-case basis by installation commanders.

According to Sgt. Maj. William Burton, the Air Station sergeant major, Fightertown has already been enforcing the Corps’ policy on BAH approval.

According to the MARADMIN, further requests may only be submitted when barracks capacity is more than 95 percent. Future requests will only be approved if they are authorized by installation commanders per Marine Corps Order. Individual requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

In the past, Marines were permitted to request BAH without meeting the normal requirements, though Marine Corps installations maintain adequate barracks space.

“Hopefully, this change will also raise Marines’ interest in which changes affect them,” said Chief Warrant Officer 4 Gordon Gerber, the Installation Personnel Administration Center director. “Changes like these are important and are something they should want to understand. They should also update IPAC whenever there is a change in their status, such as divorces or changes in custody of children.”

Basic allowance for housing recipients will continue to receive BAH, unless they are disqualified, for example divorce or a loss of custody over their dependents.

“Marines who move back into the barracks after being separated will continue to receive BAH for 90 days only to prepare for the transition,” said Dave Wilson, the logistics officer for the Air Station. “In situations where they have household goods that cannot be held within the barracks, we can store them for lower prices.”

The goal of the new MARADMIN is to enforce the current policies regarding BAH. Increasing the presence of non-commissioned officers leadership in the barracks provides greater opportunities for mentorship and assists in building resiliency in Marines.

For more information regarding the current policy on BAH, refer to MCO 7220.56 CH.