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SRBs scanned to MOL

By Cpl. Joshua Pettway | | September 2, 2011

The Installation Personnel Administration Center recently completed scanning Service Record Books and Officer Qualification Records of Marines currently on station, allowing Fightertown Marines to view their individual record books via Marine Online.

Gaining access to OQRs and SRBs is faster and more convenient for all with the online format.

The hard copy of the records will be returned to respective units for further distribution to each individual. If there are any discrepancies, assistance is available by the units administrative section and IPAC.

This change is a result of the Corps’ attempt to create a paperless environment, which also resulted in MOL, said Staff Sgt. Timothy Callahan, IPAC staff non-commissioned officer-in-charge. “Their personnel records are more accessible now; they can log on at home, and what this means is they have more control.”

Commands will also have the ability to view record books online. Headquarters Marine Corps will also monitor who views a Marines record and requires the inquirer to justify the need.

According to Chief Warrant Officer Thomas Hull, the IPAC inbound officer-in-charge, only a commanding officer can give another Marine viewing authority.

All recent administrative updates for each Fightertown squadron have been scanned, ensuring Marines will no longer carry their book from one duty station to the next.

According to Hull, once a Marine arrives at their first duty station, their records will be scanned so this process will continue indefinitely for every Marine.

“This change alleviates the potential for a Marine losing any of the information within their record,” Hull said. “We also won’t have to account for their records. Before, we had to physically inventory all 36,000 records that we currently hold.”

No longer will thousands of records bog down IPAC Marines with the tedious chores of logging, filing and inventorying. With the online system in place, Marines now have the option to view their record as they please with a click of their mouse.