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Ted Crandall, Marine Aircraft Group 31 family readiness officer, demonstrates the capabilities of the E-Marine site. Each unit FRO will disseminate information through their own site, which will effectively eliminate the use of other resources.

Photo by Lance Cpl. R.J. Driver


1 Dec 2011 | Lance Cpl. R.J. Driver

Family readiness officers throughout the Marine Corps use a combination of Facebook, base-sponsored web pages and word of mouth to pass information to their units’ families.

In an effort to streamline the process, the Marine Corps implemented E-Ma¬rine, a social networking site for units and their fami¬lies. The process is outlined in MARADMIN 499/11.

According to Ted Cran¬dall, Marine Aircraft Group 31 FRO, the Air Sta¬tion family readiness offi¬cers were given a deadline of two weeks from the end of their training to have their unit’s E-Marine site up and running. Marine Aircraft Logistics Squad¬ron 31 was the only unit with a site at the time the article was written.

Once the site is active, Headquarters and Head¬quarters Squadron FRO, Lisa Montanez, said, through Marine Online, Marines are able to reg¬ister up to five people to receive information from their command.

Those Marines and their five invitees will have ac¬cess to a standardized site where each unit’s FRO will push out self-controlled in¬formation, which is some¬thing the FROs are excited about, effectively eliminat¬ing other resources.

“A great feature of E-Marine is having the ability to work on it from home and being able to make all changes appear immedi¬ately, both of which cannot currently be done through our Sharepoint system,”

Crandall explained.

Because of its improve¬ments, Montanez ex¬plained, “E-Marine will replace the current, FRO portion of a unit’s site with a link to the E-Marine site as well as unit Facebook pages in the near future.”

According to Crandall, Marines can expect more than just information from their unit’s site. The user-friendly pages are easy to navigate through and will feature photo albums and an interactive experience.

For example, readiness of¬ficers can post questions for users to leave their in¬put and also gives FROs a tool to measure how often their page is visited.

Soon, Marines will re¬ceive invites via MOL to access their unit’s E-Ma¬rine site and the way in¬formation is disseminated will change.