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Ten Marines from Headquarters and Headquarters partake in Insanity, a 60 physical training program in the Marine Air Control Squadron 2 hanger Jan. 18. The hour-long training session focuses on working out the entire body while promoting flexibility, strength and stamina with various exercises.

Photo by Cpl. Josh Pettway

Insanity brought them together

27 Jan 2012 | Cpl. Josh Pettway

Moto: a word used in many different contexts across the Corps by Marines young and old. Many generally use it as the definition of someone who goes beyond the norm to lead, inspire and instill virtues and strength in others while also bettering themself.

It wouldn’t be inappropriate to call the Marines led in the Insanity course by Gunnery Sgt. Maurice Bease, moto. Monday through Friday, 10 Marines gather near base operations to run to the Marine Air Control Squadron 2 hangar and conduct an hour’s worth of the intense 60-day program.

“I wanted to find a way to help build camaraderie amongst the Marines of H&HS,” Bease said. The Corps wants everyone to [exercise] during the workday, so rather than doing it early in the morning or late in the afternoon, we meet up during lunch to do Insanity together.”

According to Sgt. Stephen Marksberry, on Monday, all of the participants conducted the fitness test portion of the training and took pre-program photos before beginning the 60-day program.

“It’s an intense workout – everyone’s shirt was drenched when we started and that was just from the warm-up,” Marksberry said.

“I’m getting old, as a gunnery sergeant,” Bease said. In order to keep up with the younger generation I have to monitor their activity level in order to surpass them because I cannot let them best me. I have to inspire them to be better in order to lead the next generation of Marines.”

The program is approximately an hour long and focuses on various targeted areas, which focus on either power, flexibility, speed and precision for a full body workout. Individuals who want to improve themselves are welcome to participate in the program at any time.

“I’ve done Insanity before, but that was by myself,” Marksberry said. “It is definitely better to do it with a group. There’s a lot more motivation to continue when you have someone pushing themselves next to you.”

The only requirement to participate is to come to base operations in appropriate physical training attire no later than 11 a.m.