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A Bolden Eagles player stands at bat ready to swing during a scrimmage against Beaufort Middle School at Burton Wells Park, April 17. The Eagles were able to play against public and private schools across the Lowcountry because they are not yet part of a league.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Timothy Norris

Bolden Eagles finish first baseball season

27 Apr 2012 | Lance Cpl. Timothy Norris

 Baseball season has come to a close for Bolden Elementary/Middle School Eagles with the final games for the boys’ and girls’ baseball teams against Hilton Head Middle School at their home field, April 19.

The sports program at Bolden is still in its infancy but accord­ing to school staff, athletes, students and parents the program has been a success.

“It’s definitely cul­tivated school pride and given the [play­ers] confidence in themselves,” said Wendy Randle, Bolden Elementary/Middle School principal. “They have built friendships and strive to meet aca­demic goals to stay on the teams and it’s just been a tremendous morale booster for the school.”

The students were not the only ones af­fected either.

“It teaches (my son) friendship and discipline,” said Jill Grabowski-Kersey, mother of Bolden Eagle first baseman Justin Grabowski. “It’s been awesome seeing the boys come together as a team. I was happy with the season. The boys never gave up so they did really well.”

Much credit is due to the efforts of the coaches for both teams who not only taught the fundamentals of the game, but also in­structed the players on the principles of good sportsmanship. Local Marines stepped for­ward to fill the need for coaches on the boys’ baseball team while the girls’ team was professionally staffed.

“They have put their time, heart and soul into the program,” Randle said. “It’s won­derful to see how they already work hard giv­ing their time to our country, and how they are also giving back to our kids.”

The efforts of the coaches will also go be­yond the first seasons of the sports program at Bolden. Previously, students who wanted to participate in high school sports were at a disadvantage because no formal sports teams were available in De­partment of Defense schools on Laurel Bay.

Now, the experience of playing on a sports team, regardless of the seasonal record, pro­vides the students with a foundation to build on in high school.

“They are all winners in my book because they put their heart and soul into what they do,” Randle concluded.